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Scientist has dispelled popular myths about healthy eating

by alex

Ученый развеял популярные мифы о здоровом питании

British geneticist Tim Spector dispel three popular myths about healthy food. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Thus, the specialist said that Breakfast is a compulsory meal and can be omitted. According to him, is much more useful fasting longer than 12 hours. Spector added that this will help to lose weight due to reduced insulin levels.

The scientist also underlined that the benefits of fish overblown. He explained that the effect of the contained omega-3 acids on the brain are still not fully understood.

In addition, Spector has denied popular notion that salt is “white death”. According to him, healthy people do not notice changes in your physical condition by increasing or decreasing the amount of salt. While studies have confirmed the risks of strokes or heart attacks.

Earlier, the head of the International society for research in the field of nutritional psychiatry Felice Jaka said that a balanced, healthy diet is able to reduce the level of anxiety and depression. In her words, foods with a high amount of fat and sugar affect mood. And the best diet for mood xhaka considered Mediterranean, noting that it is also important to avoid overeating

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