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Found an unusual source of radio signals from space

by alex

Найдены необычные источники радиосигналов из космоса

Astronomers have discovered two unusual source of cosmic radio signals. They are relict features in the galaxy cluster SPT-CL J2032−5627. This was reported in an article published in the repository of preprints

Objects are radioselect and represent the radio sources of synchrotron origin. They usually have the form of elongated arcs on the periphery of galaxy clusters. Of particular interest to scientists represent a double rationality because they can give information about the merger of the clusters and the resulting radiation.

SPT-CL J2032−5627 was discovered in 2012 with the South polar telescope in Antarctica. The redshift of the cluster is 0,284, which corresponds to the related distance equal to 3.7 billion light-years. The mass of the cluster was estimated to be equal to approximately 500 trillion Suns.

Unknown rationality were found during the observations of the Australian ASKAP radio interferometer at a frequency of 943 MHz. They are located at a distance of approx 2.77 and 2.61 million light years from the center of the cluster in the South-East and North-West directions, respectively. The linear dimensions of objects is of 2.38 and 2.8 million light years. Astronomers believe that they could arise from shocks in the environment inside galactic clusters, generating a shock wave.

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