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Russian wrestlers refused to go to the 2024 Olympics – Ukraine protested against their participation

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Борцы РФ отказались ехать на Олимпиаду-2024 — Украина протестовала против их участия

Russian wrestlers who received the green light from the IOC to participate in the Olympic Games have withdrawn from competing in Paris.

The Russian Wrestling Federation announced this.

There will be no wrestlers from the Russian Federation at the 2024 Olympics

In total, the International Olympic Committee has allowed 10 of the 16 wrestlers with Russian passports who received licenses to compete in the Olympics.

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Among them are — Nachin Mongush, Shamil Mamedov, Arslan Bagayev, Abdulla Kurbanov, Alan Ostayev, Magomed Murtazaliev, Natalia Malysheva, Alina Kasabieva, Veronika Chumikova and Elizaveta Petlyakova.

Officials from the Russian Wrestling Federation stated that most of those admitted are not the leaders of the national team, and that the IOC allegedly deliberately did not allow the strongest to participate in the Olympics, in particular Abdulrashid Sadulayev, who supports the war against Ukraine.

Let us note that Ukraine previously appealed to the IOC with evidence of support for the war of some Russian athletes who were allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. The list had the most wrestlers — these are Ostaev, Murtazaliev, Bagaev, Kasabieva, Malysheva, Kurbanov and Mongush.

Evidence of support by Russian fighters for the war against Ukraine

  • Ostaev participated in the propaganda war tournament, the so-called Memorial of the Russian hero Lieutenant General Kutuzov. The same applies to Murtazaliev.
  • Bagaev at the Ivan Yarygin Cup appeared in a joint photo with the occupier Sergei Kizingashev, who participated in the war against Ukraine.
  • Kasabieva, a native of Crimea, liked several posts in support of Ukrainian aggression on the social network Instagram.
  • Malysheva liked the post of Roman Vlasov, a confidant of dictator Putin. In it, the official claimed that the ISIS terrorist attack in Crocus City Gol was allegedly “cruel revenge for supporting Donbass”.
  • Ukrainian defenders liquidated the occupier, who is the father of the wrestler Kudaeva.
  • Kurbanov participated in a tournament in honor of the Russian occupier Nurmagomed Khaimagomedov.
  • Mongush, together with the Russian occupier Chayan Chimba, participated in a propaganda event called I am proud. Heroes.

Previously it became known that at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris there will be no Russian judokas competing under a neutral flag.

Four representatives of this sport from the Russian Federation were allowed to participate in the Games, but the Russian Judo Federation said that due to allegedly “humiliating conditions” not one of them will go.

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