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Russia will replace the An-124 and An-22 to the PAK VTA

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Россия заменит Ан-124 и Ан-22 на ПАК ВТА

Approved tactical and technical requirements for the creation of replacement of Ukrainian heavy military transport aircraft An-22 “Antey” and An-124 “Ruslan”, according to “Izvestia”, citing sources in the military-industrial complex and the military.

According to the newspaper, with the technical equipment of the new aircraft, the defense Ministry and the industry are determined by the end of the year, and the corresponding research work (NIR) in determination of the characteristics of a Promising aviation complex of the military transport aviation (VTA PAC) is open.

Create a preliminary design, which should be ready by December this year, is “Il”. Experimental design work (OKR) is supposed to start next year.

Replace An-22 “Antey” and An-124 “Ruslan” should in particular be able of aerial refueling and transport at least 80 tons of cargo. The requirements for the new aircraft included the possibility of basing on unpaved airfields and snow.

The publication notes that the replacement of An-22 “Antey” and An-124 “Ruslan” will receive, presumably, four engine PD-35, which has yet to be created.

In August 2019, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov said that the design Bureau (KB) Ilyushin 2017 is developing a deeply modernized super-heavy military transport aircraft An-124-100M, which will allow in the near future to consider the An-124 Ruslan “the Russian”.

In August 2018, the Minister said that at the disposal of Russia’s fleet of transport aircraft, in particular, An-124 “Ruslan” will last until the end of 2040 years, after which it is possible to organize production of its replacement.

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