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Disclosed details of the election strategy trump

by alex

Раскрыты подробности предвыборной стратегии Трампа

Close and once close to the President of the United States Donald Trump people have shared their opinions on the strategy of the current head of the White house in the upcoming November elections in the country. Their words are quoted by Politico.

According to the publication, the Republicans strongly advise Trump to raise the same themes that worked well in 2016. “He used to do five rallies a day and said everything that came into his head, and he thinks it brought him victory in the elections”, — said the senior assistant of the Congress of the Republican party, noting that this strategy no longer works.

However, according to the personal lawyer of the President of the United States Rudolph Giuliani, trump believes that it worked before and will work again. Giuliani also shared a few tips, noting that if he were engaged in election campaign, I would bet is with the people in St. Louis who were forced to protect their homes with guns. It also recommended that allies trump to start to argue that the most likely candidate from the Democrats, Joe Biden is mentally ill. “I have a good friend who has early stage Alzheimer’s disease, and they [Biden] can be twins”, he said.

In turn, newt Gingrich’s wife Callista serves as the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy see in Rome, believes that trump is still using the strategy of the 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon in 1968. According to Gingrich, “February trump not running July,” given the dramatically changed circumstances. “I think it took a few months to realize that all the tools that worked brilliantly for four years, no longer correspond to where the country”, — he said.

According to the newspaper, according to 15 of the Republicans polled last week, the US President concerned that his usual Arsenal don’t seem to have any effect. “What do you mean by strategy?” said a person close to Trump. “I don’t think Donald trump wakes up and says, “Here’s my strategy. Let me make something to my””, — he told reporters of Politico, stressing that he did not think that the behavior trump is some kind of political strategy. “He [trump] believes that the way he interacts and communicates, led to his election, and he’s going to continue to do it,” — said the source.

Among Republicans opinion on the current status of the trump split up, notes Politico: someone who is optimistic, just like Giuliani, who barely acknowledge any problems, there are those who like Gingrich, you see the problem, but I believe that trump could adapt to them, but there are staunch skeptics.

U.S. elections scheduled for November 3, 2020.

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