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Revealed destroying cancer marijuana

by alex

Выявлен разрушающий рак сорт марихуаны

Researcher Matt Tung from the University of Newcastle, hunter in Australia found that a certain modelirovanii grade cannabis can destroy some types of cancer cells without harming the cells of the human body. About it reported in a press release posted on the University website.

The experiment was conducted for three years together with the Australian natural therapy group (ANTG) with the aim to develop marijuana and to test the possibility of its potential in the treatment of cancer. For the study we used leukemic cells. Scientists have discovered that cannabis was making cancer cells more sensitive and at the same time did not kill any of the bone marrow cells or healthy white blood cells.

Thus, the researchers revealed the potential of marijuana as a treatment for cancer, not just relief of the disease. A modified variety is more effective, has low toxicity and has fewer side effects, potentially making it the perfect complementary therapy in combination with other anticancer means, the researchers note.

The authors of the study noted that the opening is not indicative of the complete victory over cancer. Scientists will study the mechanism that makes cancer cells sensitive and healthy — no. They also stressed that they have uncovered a cannabis variety is not yet ready for clinical use as anticancer agent.

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