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Called the lifetime of the PlayStation 5

by alex

Назван срок жизни PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Sony intends to reduce the update cycle PlayStation to five years. This is with reference to sources reported by DigiTimes.

According to disclosed information insiders, the company considers the optimal period of the life cycle of consoles is five years. For comparison, the PlayStation 3 has received official support from Sony for about 6-7 years, comparable life cycle, expected and actual consoles PS4.

It is reported that in the next five years the Japanese Corporation intends to produce 120-170 million units PS5, about twice more than the competing Xbox Series X. For comparison, at the moment the company has produced about 110 million units in 2013 PlayStation 4.

According to sources, Sony has got the key components for the production of the console from suppliers Siliconeware ASE Technology and Precision Industries. Delivery of the remaining components are expected in the third quarter of the year.

In mid-July it became known that Sony will make more PlayStation 5 than previously planned. The company intends to increase production rates from five to 9-10 million units. The increase in supply associated with increased demand for home entertainment during a pandemic coronavirus and interest in PS5.

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