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Putin is confident of victory and demands the surrender of Ukraine: ISW on his latest statement

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Путин уверен в победе и требует капитуляции Украины: ISW о его последнем заявлении

Vladimir Putin's refusal to negotiate peace without Ukraine's capitulation is evidence of his confidence in Russia's victory through creeping occupation, depletion of the Defense Forces, and the end of Western support.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) analyzed the Russian dictator's statements at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit on Thursday, July 4.

Putin's Statements at the SCO Summit in Kazakhstan: ISW Analysis

— Russian President Vladimir Putin has outright rejected Russian participation in any meaningful negotiations for a ceasefire agreement, instead demanding “irreversible demilitarization” Ukraine as a prerequisite for any ceasefire agreement, — says the report.

Analysts note that in this way Putin is demanding that Ukraine actually surrender for a ceasefire.

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ISW noted that Putin, commenting on the prospects for a negotiated ceasefire in Ukraine at the SCO summit, instead of depicting his interest in such negotiations, directly rejected the possibility of a negotiation process.

In addition, despite the fact that Putin has repeatedly positioned the West as his intended partner in negotiations for a ceasefire agreement, he has rejected all mediating parties, including the Verkhovna Rada as a possible contact point for negotiations, although previously called it the only legitimate Ukrainian body.

Instead, the report says, he emphasized his demand for “demilitarization” Ukraine as the main prerequisite for any ceasefire agreement.

— Putin's refusal of any ceasefire agreement without Ukraine's surrender further illustrates that he is confident in his assessment that Russia can achieve victory by continuing its creeping advance in Ukraine, ending Western support for the country, and winning a war of attrition against the Ukrainian Armed Forces. — summarized in ISW.

The full-scale war in Ukraine has been going on for the 863rd day. You can monitor the situation in cities on the interactive map of military operations in Ukraine and the map of air raids in Ukraine.

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