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Pope calls sex and good food “divine” pleasure

by alex

Pope calls sex and good food

The pleasure of sex or good food is “divine”, Pope Francis said this, RIA Novosti reported.

The pontiff's statements were collected and published in the book TerraFutura.

“Pleasure comes directly from God. It is not Catholic, not Christian, not anything else, it is simply divine, ”Francis said, explaining that the pleasure of eating serves human health, and sex makes love more beautiful and guarantees the continuation of the species.

The Pontiff added that “exaggerated morality is a misreading of the Christian message.” According to him, the church has always condemned “inhuman, rude and vulgar” pleasure, but always accepted “simple, human and moral.”

On January 31, the archbishops of the British counties of Canterbury and York issued a public apology for the earlier issued guidelines, which considered sex acceptable only for a man and a woman who are legally married. Representatives of the Church of England stressed that they were very sorry for those who were offended by such a wording, and admitted that these words “undermined the trust” of some of the believers.

In September 2019, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church said that Christianity, Islam and Judaism agree that “ties outside of marriage deprive people of the happiness prepared by the Creator.” Thus, he reacted to the proposal to legalize polygamy for Russian Muslims.

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