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Parliamentary elections in France: the left wins decisively, the far right is third – exit poll

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Parliamentary elections in France: the left is winning decisively, the far-right is third – exit poll Vladislav Kravtsov

Парламентские выборы во Франции: левые разгромно выигрывают, ультраправые третьи – экзитпол

In the elections in France, according to the exit poll, the left is winning/Collage 24 Channel (photo by Getty Images)

In France, early parliamentary elections took place on July 7. According to the exit poll, a sensational victory in the vote may be won by the alliance of left forces “Popular Front”.

At the same time, as exit poll data showed, the far-right populist National Rally party took only third place. Although they had previously been predicted to win the parliamentary elections in France.

The left won the elections, according to the exit poll

According to the Elabe forecast, which was commissioned by BFMTV, RMC and La Tribune Dimanche, the National Rally led by Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, which, according to recent polls, was the leader and could potentially receive an absolute majority, could instead take third place and receive from 115 to 150 seats in parliament.

The alliance of left forces “Popular Front”, according to the exit poll, is now leading the race for seats in the National Assembly and is projected to win between 175 and 205 seats. To achieve an absolute majority, the alliance needs to get 289 seats.

Meanwhile, the pro-presidential Razom bloc is expected to finish in second place, with projections that it will win between 150 and 175 seats.

Exit poll results for the second round of parliamentary elections in France/Photo BFMTV

Journalists also noted that, despite the breakthrough of the National Rally in the first round of parliamentary elections, the left won abroad, in particular in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

In addition, IFOP's estimate for TF1 suggests that the Popular Front could win 180 to 215 seats in parliament in the second round of voting, while an Ipsos poll for France TV predicts 172 to 215 seats for the left bloc.

How the parties reacted to the exit poll results

The leader of the left in France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, said that the defeat of President Emanuel Macron in the early parliamentary elections was clearly confirmed by the vote in the second round. He said Macron had a responsibility to call on the left-wing Popular Front coalition to form a government. He said the will of the people must be “strictly” respected. possible.

The Greens were really united and we ran an extraordinary campaign,” she said.

Raphael Glucksmann, leader of France's centre-left faction, said parliament would be divided and called on the left-wing coalition to “act like adults” and govern the coalition. Socialist leader Olivier Faure said the results of the second round of voting showed that the Popular Front had managed to unite the interests of the left.

Far-right leader Jordan Bardella of the National Rally party seems to have , admitted defeat, declaring that France “has been thrown into the hands of the ultra-left” and that his party will “strengthen its work in the opposition.”

It is worth noting that neither party , according to preliminary data, will not receive an absolute majority in parliament. Therefore, it will be necessary to form a coalition of several parties, which will take place after the official announcement of the election results.

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