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Newborn baby found with a knife in the back

by alex

Newborn baby found with a knife in the back

In Argentina, a passerby found a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag right in the middle of the street. The baby had many cut wounds, and a rusty knife sticks out of her back, writes the Daily Mail.

The package with the child was found by a 31-year-old physical education instructor. When the man walked past the baby, the girl began to cry. The Argentinian took the baby and carried her to the nearest police station.

Subsequently, the girl underwent emergency therapy and survived. The doctors determined that she was no more than two days old. At the same time, she had many cuts on her body, but none of them touched internal organs. The baby was named Esperanza, which means Hope.

The child's mother has already been identified and arrested. It is clarified that the woman gave birth to a daughter and left the hospital. Whether she is threatened with punishment is still unknown.

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