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New STALKER 2 Parts Revealed

by alex

New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Parts Revealed 2

The creators of STALKER 2 have revealed a new image from the game. The original publication appeared in the project community on VKontakte.

In the official STALKER 2 community on the social network, a GIF animation was published, which depicts one of the locations from the original game – ATP. The detailed location is presented in two time intervals – after the Chernobyl accident and before the disaster, in 1985. In a later image of the ATP, you can see the dilapidated buildings of the station, abandoned after the emergency at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The post is accompanied by the phrase “Buddy, don't rustle too much. Let me explain the situation ”, which is said by the non-player character Petruha. According to the plot of the game “STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl”, the main character hears this phrase at the initial stage of the game, during the mission to free the ATU from bandits.

Despite the lack of additional information about the game, some fans of the series suggested that in this way the creators of STALKER 2 hinted at the appearance of a teleport in the game. “Will the game have time travel through anomalies and can we go back to 1985 to prevent a catastrophe?” – asked the user Alexander Mikheev.

At the end of July, the company GSC Game World, which develops games in the STALKER series, said that unique walkthroughs will appear in the new part. Earlier, the developers of the game presented the first trailer for STALKER 2. The video does not indicate the release date of the game, but it is noted that it will be available on PC and Xbox, and will also become a temporary Microsoft exclusive.

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