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Mobilization does not concern: the Czech Republic is launching a project to return Ukrainians home

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Мобилизации не касается: Чехия запускает проект по возвращению украинцев домой

The Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs will launch a pilot project to facilitate the voluntary return of Ukrainian citizens home from June to November 2024.

The Czech Republic approved a pilot program for returning Ukrainians home

The day before, the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the country's government had approved the parameters of a pilot program to facilitate voluntary return to Ukraine, intended for persons who have received temporary protection and for applicants or persons who have already been granted international protection.

— We want to offer assistance to those who, for example, want to return home for health reasons or family reasons. This assistance will mainly consist of purchasing tickets, and in some particularly serious cases, for example, providing emergency assistance, — explained the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Vit Rakušan.

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The program is designed for a maximum of 430 Ukrainians who are in the Czech Republic due to the war.

— The project has no connection with the military service of Ukrainians, — noted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At the same time, 400 Ukrainians will receive bus tickets from their place of stay in the Czech Republic to the nearest place of stay in Ukraine, and another 30 Ukrainians with complicated diseases will be provided with medical transport services.

CZK 5.595 million (more than $246 thousand) was allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the pilot project.

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