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Missile attack on Ukraine and explosions in Kharkov: the main events of the night of July 8

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Ракетная атака на Украину и взрывы в Харькове: главные события ночи 8 июля

Over the past 24 hours, 141 combat clashes were recorded. The enemy launched two missile strikes and 80 air strikes using 111 UABs on the positions of Ukrainian units and populated areas. In addition, the occupiers carried out more than 4,000 attacks, including 110 using multiple launch rocket systems.

Read more about the main events of the night in the selection from ICTV Fakty.

Night missile attack on Ukraine on July 8

On the night of July 8, the Russians attacked Ukraine with four Kh-101 missiles and two Iskander-M ballistic missiles. This was reported by the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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As a result of combat work, our air defense destroyed three Kh-101 cruise missiles in the Zhytomyr and Cherkasy regions.

This morning throughout Ukraine, the air raid alarm sounded again due to five Tu-95 aircraft and one MiG-31 raised by the enemy. However, no launches were recorded.

Explosions in Kharkov on the night of July 8

As reported by the mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, powerful explosions occurred in Kharkov at night on the night of July 8 — the enemy entered the Osnovyansky district of the city.

As a result of falling ammunition debris, three private houses were damaged and fires occurred. Two women were injured. Two women, 50 and 75 years old, were injured and were hospitalized. The explosions also damaged outbuildings and cars.

Explosions in Sumy July 8

In Sumy, explosions occurred on the night of July 8. The enemy fired a missile at a suburb of the regional center. This was reported by local media.

Russian troops launched a missile attack on the suburb of Sumy, the Sumy Regional State Administration confirmed. The consequences of the enemy attack are being clarified.

Explosions in Nikolaev: they warned about the threat of ballistics

In Nikolaev, explosions occurred on the night of July 8th. This was reported by correspondents of the publication Suspilne noviny. Before the explosions in Nikolaev, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned about the threat of the use of ballistic weapons from the South.

In Lutsk, a man threw a grenade at people

On the evening of July 7, a man threw a combat grenade from his car at people on one of the streets of Lutsk. The grenade detonated, and at least five people were injured. Eyewitnesses to the incident immediately called an ambulance, police, and rescuers.

It is preliminarily known that a soldier threw the grenade at people. Apparently, there was an argument between the bus driver and the soldier. The man who threw the grenade has been detained. Five people are known to have been injured.

Marine Le Pen's party loses in the second round of elections in France

The far-right National Union party of Marine Le Pen will not receive a majority in parliament following the parliamentary elections in France. This is evidenced by preliminary exit poll data in France, cited by BFMTV. The far-right National Rally finished third, behind President Emmanuel Macron's party.

In first place: the New Popular Front, which could have between 175 and 205 mandates. In second place: French President Emmanuel Macron's Together alliance with between 150 and 175 mandates. In third place: Marine Le Pen's National Rally with between 115 and 150 mandates. However, none of the party coalitions will gain an absolute majority.

Drone attack on Russia's Voronezh region

At night, UAVs attacked the Voronezh region, one drone was shot down, Governor Alexander Gusev reported. According to him, there was no damage or casualties. And local residents report that they did not receive any notifications about the attack.

On the night of July 7, drones attacked an ammunition depot in the local Sergeyevka, after which a fire and detonation began. Residents had to be evacuated.

The full-scale war in Ukraine has been going on for 866 days. You can follow the situation in the cities on the interactive map of military operations in Ukraine and the air raid alarm map in Ukraine.

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