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LG unveiled a smartphone with a rotary screen

by alex

LG unveiled a smartphone with a rotary screen

LG will present a smartphone with a rotary screen. The device will be released on September 14, according to The Verge, citing company materials.

The new device will be called Wing and two displays, one of which is located on top of the other. The additional screen will be able to rotate 90 degrees, as a result of which the user will be able to interact with both displays at the same time. In its materials, the Korean company reports that the LG Wing will be one of the devices in the Explorer Project series.

The dimensions of the displays and the dimensions of the gadget are not disclosed. However, LG representatives have specified that the device will be released with a seventh series Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, will support 5G networks and will receive a triple camera with a main 64-megapixel sensor.

LG said in an Explorer Project that the company's engineers are discovering a new way to interact with smartphones. The Korean brand did not disclose whether the device will go into mass production or how much it will cost.

At the end of July, journalists analyzed the pricing policy in the foldable smartphone market using the example of products from another Korean company, Samsung. According to experts, the high cost of devices with a folding display is explained by the use of expensive components and new technologies in their creation, as well as by the low level of competition in the market.

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