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Israel will deploy laser missile defense system earlier than planned

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Israel will deploy laser missile defense system earlier than planned

Israel will deploy a laser missile defense system “Light Shield” on the border/Collage 24 Channel

The Israeli army is going to deploy a laser missile defense system ahead of schedule. We are talking about the modern Light Shield complex.

This laser missile defense system is deployed on the borders of Israel with enemy groups in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. This should improve the situation with missile threats for the Israelis.

Israel will deploy a laser missile defense system

Israeli journalists said that on the evening of October 14, Israeli TV Channel 14 reported information that the Light Shield laser missile defense system would be deployed earlier than previously planned. At the same time, the Israeli TV channel did not say when exactly they were going to put this system on combat duty.

It should be noted that before this, according to the IDF’s five-year development plan, the Israeli army was supposed to deploy the “Light Shield” at border with the Gaza Strip in 2025, and with Lebanon in 2027.

What is known about the Light Shield missile defense system

  • In 2019, the Israeli Ministry of Defense presented its unique development – the Light Shield ground-based laser missile defense system. The work on the complex was led by the Israeli concerns Rafael and Elbit.
  • The missile defense system is designed to combat short-range missiles, drones and mortar shells. The advantage of this system also lies in the low cost of one shot, because, for example, in the Iron Dome missile defense system, launching one missile costs tens of thousands of dollars.
  • In addition, the American company Lockheed Martin joined the development of the complex in December 2022 . Already in March 2023, the Rafael concern presented a naval version of the Light Shield complex in Singapore.

The war between Israel and Hamas continues

  • The Lebanese group Hezbollah launched rockets into Israel on October 15. The militants said that this was a “response” to the shelling of the Lebanese border, which killed a Reuters journalist.
  • Journalists from The New York Times said that Israel had moved its ground operation to the Gaza Strip. This happened due to the fact that weather conditions in the area worsened.
  • In addition, Iran warned Israel that it would intervene in the war if the bombing of the gas sector did not stop. In addition, the Israeli official said that the Iranian authorities are also seeking to open a second front on the border with Syria for the Israeli army.

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