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In the US, Russian “ARMY-2020” was called decorative and applied art

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In the US, Russian

The VI International Army Games “ARMY-2020”, which took place from August 23 to September 5 in Alabino near Moscow, turned into “a funny mess”, writes Popular Mechanics.

Some of the competitions and contests held at “ARMI-2020” were called a form of arts and crafts in the American edition. Popular Mechanics notes that “army games are a combination of slightly campy exhibitions hosted by Russian troops and the games themselves.”

In particular, the publication writes that a number of competitions had no practical use, for example, tank ballet or shooting from a tank cannon, as a result of which a five-pointed star was drawn, but demonstrated the possible level of control of the machine.

Popular Mechanics admits that such competitions, as a rule, involve countries friendly to Russia, and the weapons used in them are usually of Russian origin, which the country uses to advertise its own military equipment.

The publication notes that many participants in the “Army-2020” returned home with “medals”. “According to Vietnamese Express International, 14 out of 125 Vietnamese participants in the games tested positive for COVID-19 upon their return. Despite the country bordering China, Vietnam had only 1,054 COVID-19 cases and only 35 deaths, ”concludes Popular Mechanics.

In September, Valerie Insinna, a journalist for the American edition of Defense News, spoke about a visit to the Combat Operations Center, created at the United States Naval Aviation Andrews Base, where she observed a simulated operation of a “revolutionary combat control system”, during which Washington's response to an attack by a potential adversary was shown probably Moscow.

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