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In the United States noted “improvement” su-57

by alex

В США заметили «улучшение» Су-57

The workmanship of the su-57 is improving, writes The Drive, paying attention to posted to Twitter by the United aircraft Corporation photo of the aircraft.

“The tolerances on the panel sheathing is much better than what we saw on the eleven pre — production aircraft,” – he wrote on Twitter editor of Aviation Week Steve Trimble.

The Drive notes that the aircraft T-50-2 with serial number 51002 visible infrared guidance system 101KS-V (in the bow), probe, air refueling with unpainted nose Radome made of composite material, and modified asymmetrical air intakes at the base of the front edges of the twin vertical stabilizers.

According to the publication, the T-50-2 will be the first serial fighter su-57 (or the second, considering the fallen in December 2019).

In July, publications portal of the Chinese Global Times of the fifth generation fighter called the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, and the Chinese J-20, but there was not a single word about the Russian su-57.

To the Russian su-57, developed since the early 2000-ies, there are several claims that do not allow to consider it a full-fledged fifth-generation fighter. One of them is the actual ignoring of stealth technologies for low radar signature of the machine (in particular, it is enough to compare the technological allowances of the su-57 and F-22 Raptor, as well as the design of propulsion nozzles).

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