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In Russia, Putin’s dacha could burn down in Altai: the media showed vivid photos

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В России на Алтае могла сгореть дача Путина: СМИ показали яркие фото

One of Putin's dachas in Altai could have burned down in Altai/Collage 24 Channel

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may have had one of his dachas completely burned down. The building, which is probably the residence of the head of Russia, is located in the Ongudaysky district of the Altai Republic.

Journalists from the opposition publication Sirena discovered this incident with Putin's dacha using photos from open sources. The photographs match the color of the facade, the green spaces located next to the building and the roof of the neighboring building included in the photograph.

Putin's Dacha in Altai could burn completely

The Russian publication noted that footage of the burnt building was published by blogger Amir Aitashev and activist Aruna Arna. These photographs were taken from different angles, while the relief surrounding the residence coincides with what is visible in the photographs.

In a conversation with “Sirena” Aitashev clarified that the photo, which he shared was done on the same day. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

Putin's dacha could have burned down in Altai/Photo from the Russian publication “Sirena”

The verification services used by the editors did not detect any signs of image processing. The operational duty officer of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Altai Republic refused to answer the publication’s requests regarding the recent fire in the Ongudai region.

They tried to classify the residence

Russian journalists noted that in 2010 there were reports of a secret construction project in the Ongudai region of the Altai Republic, with an estimated cost of up to 3 billion rubles. The project is officially known as the Altaisky Dvor sanatorium and resort complex, owned by Gazprom. Although it is intended for recreation, access to the complex was restricted in 2011 by security personnel who claimed it was reserved for high-ranking officials.

В ” Gazprom claimed that the complex was mainly used for meetings with business partners, corporate events and accommodation of foreign guests. Local opposition figures have expressed concern about the complex's likely ties to individuals close to the Putin administration.

It was also revealed that the complex contains a special farm with fenced-in forest areas and a breeding farm deer – animals in whose blood, as is known, Putin can bathe. In addition, sources indicate the presence of a “Putin bunker” on the territory of the complex, which, according to rumors, can accommodate up to 100,000 people. However, this information has not yet received official confirmation.

It is worth noting that the building itself is located at the confluence of the Katun and Ursul rivers, where Putin made unofficial trips to the Altai Mountains.

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