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Home News In Belgorod they again complained about the “pop”: smoke rose into the sky

In Belgorod they again complained about the “pop”: smoke rose into the sky

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In Belgorod they again complained about the “pop”: smoke rose into the sky Anastasia Lukashevskaya

В Белгороде снова жаловались на "хлопок": в небо поднялся дым

Cotton in Belgorod/Collage 24 Channel< p _ngcontent-sc141 class="news-annotation">In Belgorod today, June 11, smoke was once again noticed due to the “pop”. After the sounds of explosions, a column of smoke rose into the sky.

Explosions among Belgorod residents

This was reported by eyewitnesses in local telegram channels. Local authorities have not yet commented on the events. There were no reports of attack, shelling, or casualties.

Cotton in Belgorod again/Photo from tg channels

Explosions in Russia are becoming more frequent/Photos from telegram channels

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">The Russians launched a bomb over Belgorod

Also today, telegram channels reported that Russian bombers launched another FAB this week to the territory of the Belgorod region of Russia.

“The FAB was found a few kilometers from the village of Karaichnoye, Shebekinsky urban district.” – the message says. There seem to be no casualties.

By the way, the Pentagon said that the supply of American aid made it possible to slow down the advance of the Russian invaders in the Kharkov region and ensure a strong hold of the defense line.

The situation in Belgorod: relevant

  • June 9 over One of the settlements of the Belgorod region raised the Ukrainian flag. It is known that our flag was brought with it by an FVP drone.
  • Near the village of Rakitnoye, an ammunition depot of the Russian military was hit by a drone. There was a detonation there, but the enemy assures that there were no casualties.

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