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How many infantry fighting vehicles do Russia have left: OSINT analysts published the number

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How many infantry fighting vehicles are left in Russia: OSINT analysts published the number Dmitry Usik

Сколько БМП осталось у России: OSINT-аналитики опубликовали число

The number of infantry fighting vehicles in Russia is decreasing/Collage 24 Channel

Russia began to use motorcycles, ATVs and other light wheeled vehicles more often at the front. However, this is not “savvy”, but a consequence of the shortage of armored vehicles.

Data collected by open intelligence (OSINT) analysts indicates that there are still about 9,300 units of infantry equipment remaining at storage bases in Russia. Moreover, these are mostly very outdated models, or copies almost unsuitable for restoration.

Russia is losing armored vehicles

In some cases, you can even predict what will happen at the front based on the state of the warehouses. For example, seeing that most well-preserved infantry fighting vehicles have disappeared from storage bases, it is not surprising that Russia has begun to rely on other means of transportation. First they started using armored personnel carriers and MT-LBs, which are not intended for assault operations. As losses continued to mount and supplies of ready-to-use equipment dwindled, they began using even less suitable means, such as ATVs or motorcycles, explained OSINT analyst Jompy.

He noted that as of February 24, 2022, Russia had about 2–3 thousand lightly armored MT-LB tractors and about 3 thousand more at storage bases. These vehicles are not intended to take part in combat, but the Russians were forced to use them in such a role, which led to huge losses and the devastation of their storage bases.

Jompy expects that already soon the Russian army will start using the old BTR-60/70, MT-LBu and even BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicles. They are already gradually appearing in weekly reports – although this did not happen before. Russia has begun to withdraw these vehicles from its warehouses.

In fact, satellite images show that very little combat-suitable equipment remains at Russian bases. We are talking about approximately 9,300 armored vehicles of all types (except tanks). According to analysts, less than 5,700 of them are in good condition. Of this number, only about 1350 are infantry fighting vehicles – the rest are designed for auxiliary tasks.

How many armored vehicles are left in Russia/photo Radio Liberty

Note that, according to the General Staff, Russia lost 15,600 armored fighting vehicles. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed or damaged another 8,132 tanks.

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