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French Prime Minister resigns after exit poll results announced

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The French Prime Minister resigned after the announcement of the exit poll results Polina Buyanova

Премьер Франции подал в отставку после объявления результатов экзит-пола

French Prime Minister Attal resigns/Collage Channel 24

Prime Minister France's Gabriel Attal said he was resigning. At the same time, the politician said that he would lead the government until a possible coalition is formed and a new head is appointed.

The Popular Front alliance of leftist forces, according to exit polls, is still leading in the race and could get from 175 to 205 seats in the French parliament. At the same time, the far-right populist National Rally party took only third place.

French Prime Minister resigns

Gabriel Attal explained that he was resigning because the centrist camp to which he belongs did not receive a majority.

Tomorrow morning I will submit my resignation to the President of the Republic,” said the politician

At the same time, Attal noted that he would perform his functions “until as long as duty demands it.”

I will never agree with the fact that millions of our fellow citizens choose to vote for extremes. To the French I say: I respect each of you. Some people have a harder time living than others, and it is these lives we must make better. Wherever I am, I will always strive to achieve this goal,” Attal said. resign and allow the New Popular Front to rule the country.

The leader of the far right admitted defeat in advance

The leader of the far-right National Rally party, Jordan Bardella, admitted defeat in the parliamentary elections in France in advance. In his first comments after the exit polls, he said that “the dishonest alliances of this evening are depriving the French of a policy of restoration.”

The far right could gain between 115 and 150 seats in parliament. Although this game result is historically the highest, it differs significantly from expectations.

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