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Found the source of a mysterious signal from space

by alex

Найден источник таинственного сигнала из космоса

The source of a mysterious radio signal from space was the Magnetar SGR 1935+2154. Celestial body emitted not only x-rays but also radio waves, reported on the website of the European space Agency (ESA).

A strong surge of energy is directed away from the Magnetar — a neutron star with a strong magnetic field — was recorded by the space Observatory Integral. Information about this was conveyed to the observatories from around the world. In particular, the canadian radio telescope for CHIME could fix not only x-rays but also radio waves, observed in the same time interval.

After analysis, scientists concluded that was found six years ago SGR 1935+2154 is the source of x-ray radiation, and radio waves. “We have never seen Magnetar emitted radio waves,” said the Italian astrophysicist Mereghetti Sandro (Sandro Mereghetti).

According to experts, neutron stars play a key role in the management of a variety of different processes in the Universe. Mereghetti emphasized that the fixation of the signals from magnetron will help to clarify the origin of these mysterious objects.

In December 2019 British scientists have discovered the source of the radiation, directed from the constellation of the Altar. The source associated with a major star, intermittent radiospace explained by the presence of the star-satellite.

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