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Proved the danger of asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus

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Доказана опасность бессимптомных носителей коронавируса

American researchers compared the viral load in patients COVID-19 symptoms and patients with asymptomatic course of the disease. A study published in the portal medRxiv.

During the counting of viral particles from analyses of more than 30 thousand who have passed the test for the coronavirus revealed that the viral load is distributed almost equally among all patients. It turned out that in the body of patients with symptoms and patients without symptoms contains about the same amount of viral particles, which proves the danger of asymptomatic infections.

The findings that both types of carriers COVID-19 are equally dangerous to others, was made on the basis of the analysis of tests 32 480 patients living in nursing homes in Massachusetts. Tests were taken during the period from April 9 to June 9, 2020.

In total, the carriers of the coronavirus was 2654 living in these institutions people, or 15 per cent and 624 employees (4.1 per cent). While 53.1 percent of residents and 18.2 percent of staff were clear symptoms of the disease, whereas the disease is asymptomatic at 12.7 percent of elderly people and 3.7 percent of the staff.

The doctors noticed that these figures began to diverge in late may, when the state of the pandemic began to decline. In this case, patients with symptoms appeared to be slightly more viral particles than in asymptomatic patients. Experts have attributed this to the fact that the majority of symptomatic patients COVID-19 diagnosed during the peak of the epidemic.

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