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Documents for accommodation in dormitories: list

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Документы для поселения в общежития: перечень

Dorm Life — this is a wonderful experience for any student. This is an opportunity to make new friends, save on housing and feel the atmosphere of independent living. Facts ICTV found out what documents are needed to move into a hostel.

What is needed to move into a hostel: list of documents

To begin this new stage, you need to complete certain documents. The list may vary slightly depending on the educational institution.

List of documents:

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  • Original and copy of passport.
  • Original and copy of identification code.
  • Medical certificate form 086/o, which confirms the state of health and the absence of contraindications to living in a hostel. The certificate must contain data on fluorography, examination by a dermatologist and sanitary and epidemiological information.
  • 3-4 photos size 3×4 cm.
  • Receipt of payment for the first month of residence in the hostel.
  • Military registration document for men liable for military service.
  • Certificate from place of study.
  • Application for settlement – issued in the dean's office or the commandant's room of the hostel.

What medical certificate is needed to check into a dormitory

Form 086/o & #8212; This is an extract from the medical record of a outpatient. On the title page of this certificate, a corner stamp of the health care institution is affixed, indicating the day, month and year of issue.

The certificate indicates the educational institution to which this document is submitted. In addition to the person's last name, first name and patronymic, you must indicate the results of clinical studies, as well as information about his health. The certificate must necessarily contain information about vaccinations.

At the end, the doctor writes a medical report, where he indicates recommendations for physical activity and the need for additional examinations or treatment. The certificate is also certified by the seal and signature of the doctor.

Документы для поселения в общежития: перечень

Screen: Help 086/o

Документы для поселения в общежития: перечень

Screen: Help 086/о

Some educational institutions issue their own list of documents. You must contact the dean's office. It is necessary to provide the results of fluorography, as well as a certificate from the family doctor, which certifies that the person did not communicate with patients.

Where to get certificate 086/o for checking into a dormitory

It is issued at your place of residence, so you should contact your family doctor. Such a document has a limited validity period, which is usually 14 days. If you study in another city, you can contact the nearest clinic, which is located near the educational institution.

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