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Disclosed new allegations against the girlfriend of a millionaire pedophile

by alex

Раскрыты новые обвинения в адрес подруги миллионера-педофила

Jeffrey Epstein

The girlfriend of a millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell accused of lying during a court session in July, she claimed he hadn’t seen buddy for over a decade. About it reports The Telegraph.

According to Maxwell, she hasn’t seen Epstein with 2015. However, the published 30 Jul documents indicate that she’s lying.

We are talking about multiple documents in a civil process against Maxwell. One of them is a lawsuit filed by Giuffrè, VA (Virginia Giuffre). She says that Maxwell is “dragged her into the orbit of a pedophile”, offering to work there as a masseuse. According to the lawsuit, Ghislaine communicated with each other at least one time after 2015 in order to introduce him to Giuffrè. Then Maxwell introduced the girl with Prince Andrew. Virginia forced to have sex with him, at the time she was 17 years old.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested at his estate on 2 July. She presented the indictment of the six points. It is alleged that she was seduced minors and forced them to have sex. In addition, she helped Epstein to seduce and then selling into sexual slavery of children, some of them were 14 years old. The woman denies all the charges and claimed he was not aware of what he was doing to her friend.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested July 6, 2019 new York. He was accused of creating a criminal network that allowed him to sexually exploit and victimize dozens of girls, including 14-year-old. It is proved that their crimes millionaire was made in 2002-2005, however, according to some, he continued to trade people up to 2019.

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