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Home News Despite unsuccessful debates: Biden is as close as possible to Trump in key states

Despite unsuccessful debates: Biden is as close as possible to Trump in key states

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Несмотря на неудачные дебаты: Байден максимально приблизился к Трампу в ключевых штатах

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump is only 2% ahead of his opponent Joe Biden in the election race. The current leader of the country is as close as possible to his main opponent.

This is evidenced by polling data Bloomberg News/Morning Consult, which was conducted in 7 key states for the elections 4 days after the debate. < /p>

Trump or Biden: who do voters support after the debate

Thus, Trump’s approval rating is 47%, and Biden’s is 45%, which is the smallest gap since October 2023. Now the current US leader is ahead of his opponent in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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In addition, his rating is within the poll's margin of error in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina. Biden trails the most in Pennsylvania, a critical state.

Biden performed poorly during the debate, according to voters who have not yet decided who to support in the upcoming elections. However, less than one in five respondents said the 81-year-old debater was more consistent, mentally healthy or dominant in the debate.

Of these undecided voters, 39% think Biden should continue his campaign. Regarding Trump, 50% of respondents expressed this opinion.

Recall that on June 27, debates of US presidential candidates took place, at which both opponents, Trump and Biden, did not perform at their best. Many politicians, experts and the media outlined the main complaints against the US President: he seemed very tired, often did not finish his opinion, and jumped from topic to topic. Trump often manipulated and outright lied in his speech. In addition, Donald Trump often got nervous and shouted.

Despite the fact that polls show the US presidential debates did little to change many voters' opinions of either candidate, members of the US Democratic Party are seriously considering signing a collective letter to President Joe Biden for him to withdraw his candidacy for elections.

However, Biden himself is not going to withdraw his candidacy from the presidential race, noting that only God himself can convince him to do this.

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