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Biden predicted the US another 40 thousand victims of coronavirus

by alex

Байден предрек США еще 40 тысяч жертв коронавируса

Joe Biden

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, Joe Biden predicted that the country from the coronavirus dies another 40 thousand people, if not to tighten the mask mode. About it reports USA Today.

According to him, many lives can be saved in the next three months, if you set the compulsory wearing of masks throughout the country “right now.” There is strong evidence that the wearing of the mask is infected with a person whose including no symptoms, greatly reduces the likelihood of infecting others, added Biden.

The politician referred to the data of Columbia University, under which it would be possible to save a few dozen lives, if the current head of state Donald trump acted faster. So, if he had introduced restrictive measures on the week before, could have been saved 30 thousand lives, two weeks earlier — more than 50 thousand lives. “I hope we have learned lessons, I hope the President has learned,” concluded Biden.

Earlier, the presidential candidate questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine against coronavirus. According to him, all developments are required to be “transparent” to the American experts could monitor the process. People gradually cease to believe in those words that says trump on the new vaccine, says Biden.

According on August 14, there are more than 20.7 million are infected with coronavirus, of which more than 750 thousand died, and another 12.8 million recovered. Most infected are in the US — of 5.24 million, more than 166 thousand people died.

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