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The United States refused to accept Russia’s assistance in the development of a vaccine from COVID-19

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США отказались принять помощь России в разработке вакцины от COVID-19

Moscow suggested Washington “unprecedented cooperation” and assistance in the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus, but the United States refused Russia’s proposals. This writes CNN, citing unnamed Russian officials.

Argues that Moscow sent the “Operation “Supersonic speed”” aimed at the accelerated development of a vaccine against COVID-19. However, the US was “closed for Russian medical advances”, said officials in Washington. “On the American side, there is a General feeling of distrust of Russia, and we believe that technology, including vaccines, testing and treatment are not accepted in the USA because of this distrust,” — quoted the Russian official TV channel.

According to us officials, the Russian vaccine is considered to be in the US so unfinished that, prior to its registration, it did not even provoke serious interest. “There is not the slightest chance that the US will try the Russian vaccine on monkeys, not to mention the people,” said one of the government officials of health.

Russian officials in turn said that Moscow is open for the exchange of information about the vaccine, and urged Washington to think about her decision, as it can save American lives. “If our vaccine will be one of the most effective, there will be questions why the US did not explored this option more deeply, why the policy stood in the way of access to vaccine,” concluded the anonymous Russian source.

Earlier the journalist of CNN’s Zach wolf questioned the reality of the Russian vaccines against coronavirus infection. “The country’s commitment to the creation of a vaccine is partly due to political pressure from the Kremlin, which seeks to portray Russia as a global scientific power”, he said.

On 11 August the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first Russian vaccine against the coronavirus. It will be available for citizens from January 2021. According to Putin, the vaccination will be carried out only on a voluntary basis. He also said that the vaccine has experienced one of his daughters.

The Russian vaccine was interested in abroad. However, the United States questioned its safety. Pharmaceutical companies were urged to postpone the registration of the vaccine, since its quality is still unknown.

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