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Bakhmut is a complete ruin: enemy shelling killed a man and a child – terrible consequences

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Bakhmut – a total ruin: enemy shelling killed a man and a child – terrible consequences

On January 31, Russian invaders attacked Bakhmut once again. As a result of the shelling, 2 people were killed, including a child.

Also, several local residents were injured. Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, spoke about this.

occupiers shelled Bakhmut

Kirilenko noted that the Russians had turned the once cozy Bakhmut into a complete wreck.

For several months in a row, the occupiers have been methodically and purposefully driven through Bakhmut, killing its inhabitants. Today, unfortunately, is no exception: 2 people died as a result of another shelling that took place a few hours ago. One of the dead is a minor, – said the chairman of the UVA.

As of 15:11, it was known about 4 more wounded civilians. In addition, a pharmacy was damaged.

“The Russians are leveling Bakhmut to the ground, killing everyone they can reach. We carefully document all war crimes. Everyone will be held accountable!” – summed up Kirilenko.

Later, the Office of the Prosecutor General said that the number of victims had increased to 5. Law enforcement officers began a pre-trial investigation into the violation of the laws and customs of war.

“According to the investigation, on January 31, 2023, the armed forces of the Russian Federation fired on a residential area from barrel artillery in the city of Bakhmut. As a result of the shelling, a man and a 12-year-old boy were killed. Five citizens received injuries of varying severity. The victims are given qualifications.” – the message says.

In addition to the pharmacy, other buildings were also damaged. At present, the exact number of victims is being specified.

“Local prosecutors continue to take all possible and appropriate measures to document war crimes committed by representatives of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” summed up the Office of the Prosecutor General.

See photos from Bakhmut/Photo by Pavel Kirilenko and the Office of the Prosecutor General

The situation in Bakhmut: in brief

  • On the outskirts of Bakhmut, Ukrainian border guards turned the shelter of infidels into a mass grave. The other day, our soldiers tracked down the shelter of enemy infantry and hit it with mortars.
  • Donbass.Realii journalist Oleksandr Demchenko said that the Russian invaders are trying to cut off Bakhmut's communications with other cities of Donbass.
  • < li> Military expert, instructor pilot and colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve Roman Svitan said that the Russians are advancing on Bakhmut not from the north, but from the south, from a height. What is from ours, what is from their side, the city from a height, in full view. According to him, now it is a good fortified area.

  • As of January 31, Verkhnekamennoye, Disputable, Belogorovka, Veseloe, Krasnaya Gora, Paraskoveevka, Bakhmut, Ivanovskoye, Klescheevka, Ozaryanovka, Druzhba experienced fire damage in the Bakhmut direction , Ivanopol and New York, Donetsk region.
  • The day before, Sergei Cherevaty reported that the enemy was trying to break through our defenses near Bakhmut. the occupiers want to encircle the city. According to him, the dynamics of hostilities in Bakhmut remains active.

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