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An unpredictable figure: what Putin can expect from Trump: what Putin can expect from Trump

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An Unpredictable Figure: What Putin Can Expect from Trump: What Putin Can Expect from Trump Melania Golembyovskaya

Непредсказуемая фигура: чего Путин может ожидать от Трампа: что Путин может ожидать от Трампа

The election campaign continues in the USA . One of the contenders for the post of president of the country, Donald Trump, according to Russia, may be convenient for them. However, not everything is so simple.

The former US President often makes statements that contradict previous ones, so no one knows what to expect from him. The head of the Center for Military Legal Research, Alexander Musienko, told Channel 24 about this 24, noting that there is no “profitable” candidate for the Kremlin.

What Putin can expect from Trump

According to Musienko, Trump is now an unpredictable figure for Putin, from whom the Kremlin does not know what to expect. The Russians are counting on the fact that the isolation mood of Trump and his team will be beneficial for them.

They (Russians – Channel 24 ) they see that the United States can now reduce its presence in Europe, leaving only, for example, a nuclear shield and some kind of aviation. The Kremlin believes that this is a positive sign, the leader explained.

On the other hand, Moscow most likely does not think Trump will do this, because now the United States is at the election campaign stage. In addition, the former president himself has repeatedly made statements that may contradict each other.

He made a statement that the U.S. will not fight for NATO’s eastern flank, and then several weeks passed and he said that the United States would guarantee support and security to its partners,” Musienko noted.

Therefore, it is now difficult to predict his further actions: whether he will be against providing military assistance to Ukraine or the opposite.

Both options may not be in favor of the Kremlin

According to the leader, the Democrats are now also at a crossroads, they are reflecting on the policies of Trump as a future president and they don't know what to expect. If Biden is the head of the country again, they will push him to take more radical actions so that there is no doubt about the decline of the United States and Biden’s loss of leadership.

Therefore, everything is not going well for Russia either according to the scenario of the Democrats or the scenario of the Republicans,” added Musienko.

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