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Home News An An-2 plane made a hard landing in Russia: six people were injured

An An-2 plane made a hard landing in Russia: six people were injured

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In Russia, the An-2 plane made a hard landing: six people were injured Vladislav Kravtsov

В России самолет Ан-2 совершил жесткую посадку: шесть человек травмированы

An An-2 plane made a hard landing in Transbaikalia/Collage 24 Channel

On July 5, an An-2 plane made a hard landing in Transbaikalia in Russia -2. As a result of this, at least 6 people were injured.

Russian media reported this. All victims, according to preliminary data, have already been hospitalized in medical institutions, reports 24 Channel.

An An-2 plane made a hard landing in Russia

Russian journalists write that, according to preliminary information, the An-2 board carried out reconnaissance of the fire situation in Trans-Baikal Territory, after which it disappeared from radar.

A little later, according to propagandists, the pilots managed to get in touch and report that the plane had made an emergency landing. Rescuers went to the scene.

As a result of this incident, according to preliminary data, 6 people were injured. All of them were evacuated to the Yeravninsky district hospital in Buryatia. The cause of the incident is still being established by the law enforcement agencies of the aggressor country.

Earlier in Russia, a passenger plane landed urgently in Yekaterinburg. There were no casualties or damage to the aircraft as a result of this incident. The Russians never reported the reasons for the emergency landing.

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