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Almost 1 million men hid from mobilization: a solution was found in the Rada

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Почти 1 млн мужчин спрятались от мобилизации: в Раде нашли решение

Almost 1 million Ukrainian men are outside the state registers and have not updated their data since May 18, as required by the mobilization law.

Officially they do not work, do not study and are not classified as people with disabilities.

The head of the parliamentary committee on economic development, Dmitry Natalukha, spoke about this.

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— How mobilization worked? It worked mainly according to official registers. That is, in the process of analyzing the mobilization reserve and potential, we discovered, for example, that a little less than a million men of military age are people about whom the state knows nothing except an identification code, — explained the people's deputy.

Natalukha noticed that such people are not included in the lists of private entrepreneurs or employees. Some people deliberately quit their jobs in order to “hide” from the state, which certainly has a detrimental effect on the Ukrainian economy.

According to the politician, economic reservation — tool that can fix this problem.

Economy booking — what does this mean

The Verkhovna Rada is considering the possibility of introducing economic reservation, which will allow enterprises to independently choose employees and their number to whom the mobilization reservation is assigned.

In return for each such employee, management will make a monthly contribution to the state treasury.

At the same time, a number of politicians and lawyers in Ukraine find many flaws in such an initiative, in particular, grounds for discrimination. 

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