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Aggressors are becoming stronger: what does US inertia lead to?

by alex

Aggressors are becoming stronger: what does US inertia lead to? Alexandra Sadovaya

Агрессоры становятся сильнее: к чему приводит инертность США

It happens that the USA there is no clear reaction to the actions of aggressor countries. In particular, Russia, China, Iran. Cases when Americans do not call a spade a spade push these states towards aggression.

This opinion 24 Channel was voiced by political scientist Taras Zagorodny. According to him, when authoritarian countries see the weakness of US policy, they understand that no one will stop them.

“For example, the United States still pretends that it does not understand where do the Houthis, who have no industry, no development, get ballistic missiles and drones? They pretend that Iran is not involved in this. They don’t want to call things by their proper names. This pushes the aggressors to increase aggression,” he said.

Aggressors are increasing their activity

Taras Zagorodny noted that authoritarian countries see weakness US policy since the time when they forgave the Russians for their aggression against Georgia. Next, Russia annexed Crimea and continued to escalate its aggression.

After this, the process begins. The aggressors see that no one is stopping them. Next was Crimea. Also the soft position of the United States. There was an embargo against Ukraine on the supply of weapons and dual-use goods by both the United States and the EU, the political scientist recalled.

When aggressive countries see that “the police “If they can’t cope, they are increasing their activity in all directions. In particular, economic, military.

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