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After Kyiv and Moscow, Orban flew to Beijing

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After Kyiv and Moscow, Orban flew to Beijing Diana Kwasniewska

После Киева и Москвы Орбан прилетел в Пекин

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in China. The minister said that this is a continuation of the “peace mission.”

It is worth noting that European leaders criticized Orban’s visit to Russia. Before this, he was in Kyiv and called for a stop to shooting.

What is known about Orban’s visit to China

Viktor Orban wrote on the social network X that he has already arrived in China. He posted a photo near the plane.

Peace Mission 3.0. Beijing,” Orban signed the photo.

Orban arrived in China

Reuters, citing the press secretary of the head of the Hungarian government, Bertalan Havasi, wrote that Orban will hold a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Journalists wrote that the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the politician's visit. interest.”

The Chinese publication The Paper wrote that Orban’s visit was unexpected. After all, the message from the Chinese Foreign Ministry does not indicate at whose invitation he is coming.

By the way, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry explained that Orban visited Moscow without agreement or coordination with Ukraine. The ministry remembered the principle of “no agreements on Ukraine without Ukraine.”

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