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Home News A gas distribution center was on fire near Alushta: we show where the city is located on the map

A gas distribution center was on fire near Alushta: we show where the city is located on the map

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A gas distribution center was burning near Alushta: where the city is located – we show it on the map Dmitry Usik

Возле Алушты горел газораспределительный узел: где расположен город – показываем на карте

Alushta was left without gas/Collage 24 Channel

Powerful explosions were heard near Alushta, in Crimea, on the night of July 7th. It turned out that they were caused by a fire at a gas distribution center.

It is noted that as a result of the incident near Alushta, there is a threat of a complete shutdown of water supply for the city. Where the gas distribution unit burned – shows Channel 24.

Alushta without gas

At night, a gas distribution unit caught fire in the Alushta region. It is known that the fire occurred between the settlements of Maly Mayak and Vinogradny, Alushta district. These villages are located just south of Alushta itself.

Where the fire broke out: see on the map

Russian media claim that the cause of the explosion could allegedly be a network failure. According to them, it is of a purely technical nature. Public reports note that the fire was contained and did not spread to the forest. However, some consumers now lack gas – as of 2014, almost 30 thousand people lived in Alushta.

It is worth pointing out that residents of Alushta note that they heard “explosion after explosion ” before the fire broke out.

By the way, sudden explosions occur almost every day in Crimea. Thus, on the evening of July 1, Ukrainian pilots attacked an ammunition depot in the Balaklava area. The Ukrainian Armed Forces strike could destroy approximately 90 Shahed-type drones.

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