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XI Jinping encouraged the Chinese people to save food

by alex

Си Цзиньпин призвал китайцев экономить еду

The head of China XI Jinping called for the Chinese to stop squandering food and start saving. This is the Agency “Xinhua”.

According to the Chinese leader, wasteful behaviour of his fellow citizens in this matter, “terrifying and upsetting”. Pandemic coronavirus, said si, showed that the risks to food security will not disappear.

“We need to strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, to take effective measures to establish long-term mechanism and resolutely stop wasting food,” quotes his words RIA Novosti.

The Chinese President stressed that the government should conduct consistent advocacy in this direction: to instill in the public the habit of moderation in food, to make the waste was shameful phenomenon, and the savings on food — honorable.

In April this year it was reported that Chinese authorities increased surveillance of the population. The reason for this is called the epidemic of the coronavirus.

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