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Vucic spoke about Putin's apology over the words of Zakharova

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Vucic spoke about Putin's apology over the words of Zakharova

Alexander Vucic and Vladimir Putin Continued: The Kremlin has confirmed Putin's apology to Vucic

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov apologized to Serbian leader Alexander Vucic for the words of the representative of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. The Serbian president said this on the air of the national television, RIA Novosti reports.

President Putin never apologized to me for anything, and neither did Sergei Lavrov. And because of Zakharova's post, both did it

Alexander Vucic

“Despite the fact that I didn’t even remind and as a well-mannered person I would never have mentioned it,” the head of state said. Vucic also noted that he considers the incident “transitory and unimportant.”

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Putin had apologized to Vucic during the conversation. At the same time, the Kremlin spokesman did not comment on the content of the conversation between the presidents.

The conflict flared up because of the post of Zakharova

On September 6, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson published a message on Facebook, in which she ridiculed the meeting between Vucic and American leader Donald Trump. The reason was the photo, which shows that the Serbian president is sitting at a considerable distance in front of Trump.

On Facebook, Zakharova combined the image from the meeting with the famous frame from the movie “Basic Instinct”. Thus, she compared the pose of the Serbian leader with the interrogation of the heroine Sharon Stone. “If you have been summoned to the White House, and the chair has been placed as if you are under interrogation, sit down as in photo # 2. Whoever you are. Just believe it, ”the post said.

Vucic reacted personally to the publication of Zakharova

The Serbian President called the post of Foreign Ministry spokesman primitivism. He also expressed regret that Moscow does not value Serbia as the only European country that has not joined the anti-Russian sanctions.

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandr Vulin also sharply reacted to the post.

Vucic never abandoned his people or his friends, did not insult or humiliate him. Zakharova insulted everyone who defends Russia and Serbia in more tense places than Facebook

Alexander VulinThe conflict was settled after an apology

The situation was resolved at the highest level of diplomatic departments – Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov personally made efforts to it. It was reported that he called his Serbian colleagues, which helped to relieve unnecessary tension in relations between the countries.

Zakharova also apologized, adding them to her publication. She clarified that she had in mind only the unacceptable course of the American organizers of the negotiations and their tricks to “create the appearance of their own exclusiveness.”

Later, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman also explained that the meaning of her post was obvious, but it was misinterpreted. “It seems to me that they misread my post out of the blue, which was obviously directed. It is strange that in general they found some other meaning there, ”she said on TV.

The Kremlin also attributed the cause of the conflict to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the wording. Peskov hoped that no one would doubt Moscow's respectful attitude to the Serbian leadership. “The Serbian people are a fraternal people for us,” he stressed.

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