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Video test – “destroyer” the Crimean bridge called fake

by alex

Видео испытаний «уничтожителя» Крымского моста назвали фальшивкой

Video test of the Ukrainian coastal missile system LCD 360МЦ “Neptune” installed and is therefore false, according to “Free press”, referring to the analysis of the respective rollers held by the captain of 1 rank of a stock Yury M. Trifonenkova. In July 2019 the former Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the Crimean bridge for a few minutes may be destroyed by such weapons.

According to the graduate of the Higher naval school named after Frunze 1987, made the storyboard clips of the tests in the program VEGAS Pro, wings of the R-360 “attached whether three screws, or three bolts with countersunk head”, “fly at them, the missile will not be able”. Trifonenko sure that the “bonded thus, the load they can not survive.”

The captain of 1 rank of a stock draws the attention to the fact that one of the video the rocket is flying to the left of goal, leaving no shadow on the sea surface, and “in a larger increase in find that the area of the water surface, which should affect the marine target, suspiciously blurred”. “In the next frame, the R-360 hits exactly in the center of the target. Rocket, now a sudden shadow of it, the target and its reflection in the water look too unnatural. Suppose pririsoval,” says Trifonenko.

According to the information of the captain of 1 rank of a stock, on one of the frames where the missile has passed the target, “a powerful wave of compressed air that accompanies the flight is flying at transonic speed of a rocket hitting the high Board, why not have caused any disturbance on the surface of the sea.”

Trifonenko says that during testing, the R-360 would have to reset the shock wave from the barge “scaffolding”, which never happened. “Those pyrotechnics just before the rocket launch, fastened an explosive charge on the edge of the deck of the barge target over the bulwarks. And the team blew up, portraying a direct hit R-360,” says the graduate of the Higher naval school named after Frunze.

In may of the R-complex 360 LCD 360МЦ “Neptune” during the tests at the state landfill AliBey in Odessa region almost simultaneously destroyed two targets. In April, Defense Express posted on the YouTube video, which shows the penetration of the R-complex 360 LCD 360МЦ “Neptune” in the marine goal.

In February of the same year, The National Interest wrote that in case of success “Neptune” will be a key milestone in the development of missiles in Ukraine.

The R-complex 360 RC-360МЦ “Neptune” has a warhead weighing 150 pounds, with a launch range up to 280 kilometers and a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour. The altitude of the rocket flight — from three to ten metres above the sea level.

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