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US urged to fight racism not only in words

by alex

US urged to fight racism not only in words

Michelle Bachelet

Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, called on the United States to combat systemic racism, not only in words, but also in deeds. She is quoted by Reuters.

According to the representative of the organization, the need to take action is indicated by the death of African American Jacob Blake in the city of Kenosha, who was shot by a police officer, and the death of black Daniel Pond, which also occurred as a result of his arrest. Bachelet stressed that the perpetrators were never brought to justice, which indicates the seriousness of the crisis in the country.

“Numerous comments on the reform have been made by the city authorities and the police (…). These words need to be consistent with real change so that African Americans feel protected, ”said the high commissioner.

In the United States, protests have been taking place for several months, engulfing dozens of American cities. Their members fight the systematic oppression of US blacks and police brutality. The demonstrations, periodically turning into pogroms and robberies, began after the African American George Floyd was killed during his arrest.

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