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Trump praised the need to protect Germany from Russia

by alex

Трамп оценил необходимость защищать Германию от России

The US President Donald trump once again came in wondering why the United States needs to protect Germany from Russia. About this he wrote on Twitter.

According to him, Germany pays Russia billions of dollars a year for energy. “And we need to protect Germany from Russia. What is this business?” — asked trump.

He added that Germany is way overdue its two-percent fee in NATO. “So we take some troops from Germany!”, added the American President.

Earlier, the Minister of defense mark Esper reported that the Pentagon will withdraw from Germany, about 11.9 thousand military personnel stationed there, and will move the headquarters of the European command of the US forces in Belgium. According to espera, the redeployment of American forces will take place in the coming weeks. From roaming military about 5,6 thousand will go to other NATO countries, and 6.4 thousand will return to the U.S. and will be in Europe on a rotational basis. They will serve in the East and the Black sea to deter Russia.

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