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Trump called the main mistake in US history

by alex

Трамп назвал главную ошибку в истории США

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump called the main mistake that the country made in its history. He stated this in an interview with Axios, published on the YouTube channel of HBO.

“The decision to send [troops] to the middle East and to involve themselves in the conflict [in the region] was the greatest mistake in the history of our country,” he said. According to trump, the previous American leaders in General, “shouldn’t have come” to the middle East.

The President stressed that he did a lot in order to ensure the safety of people, including in this region. So, trump reminded that the American secret services eliminated the leader of ISIS (the terrorist group “Islamic state” banned in Russia), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The American leader has repeatedly said that the US wants to end armed conflicts in the middle East with his participation. According to him, the administration has no purpose to make Washington a “police” for other countries.

27 Oct 2019 trump announced the elimination of the leader of ISIS. According to him, in a special operation were also destroyed his henchmen, and a considerable number of militants.

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