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Three teenagers with a gun broke into the residence of the trump

by alex

Трое подростков с автоматом ворвались в резиденцию Трампа

Three teenagers broke into the residence of the President of the United States Donald trump. It is reported by the Miami Herald.

According to police, 15-year-old teenagers, hiding from the police, climbed over a wall and accidentally was in the residence of the head of state in Florida, called Mar-a-Lago. During the chase the young men threw away the backpack, which was a loaded gun.

The representative of the local police noted that Teens are extremely lucky as in the residence was neither trump nor members of his family, otherwise the US Secret service immediately began to shoot offenders on sight.

Earlier, two people in the SUV also tried to break into the Mar-a-Lago through two checkpoints. The guards opened fire on the car. Violators tried to escape but they were arrested. It was later revealed that the residence of the President tried to attack the Opera singer. Local law enforcement was saddling the conclusion that she didn’t realize what he is doing and where he was going.

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