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“There will be no military victory for Putin”: Scholz made a new statement about the war

by alex

"Военной победы Путина не будет": Шольц сделал новое заявление о войне

Scholz noted the support of Ukraine.

The aggressor country of the Russian Federation will not be able to get through with its “imperialist invasion” in Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated this during the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin.

He emphasized that Ukraine is following the path that Ukrainians and Ukrainian women themselves have chosen – democratically, freely, in Europe.

We are walking this path with you, dear Vladimir. That is why today here in Berlin we are working to restore a strong, free European Ukraine “, – said Scholz.

The German Chancellor assured that he will support the country as long as it is necessary.

“Strength, devotion to principles are the prerequisites for Putin to realize that there will be no military victory and peace in the form of a dictatorship. He must stop the brutal campaign and withdraw troops< /em> “, said Scholz.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union in the future.

It also became known that in the coming weeks and months Germany will supply Ukraine with a third Patriot air defense system, IRIS-T systems, Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns and etc.

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