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The US was accused of inflating the “Russian threat”

by alex

The US was accused of inflating the

The US military is fanning the “Russian threat” instead of productively engaging with Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Washington said on Facebook.

According to diplomats, the head of the US Air Force Global Strike Command, General Timothy Ray, de facto puts the perceived threat from Russia and China on a par with terrorism. “It is noteworthy that such remarks are made against the backdrop of long-term and costly efforts by Washington to improve its own nuclear weapons,” the press service of the Russian diplomatic mission said. It is noted that the United States is lowering the “threshold” for the use of nuclear weapons.

The diplomats called on the US authorities not to inflate anti-Russian sentiments in society, and instead focus on productive interaction in the interests of strengthening global security.

In February, it was reported that Russia and China were identified as the main threats to the United States in the draft US budget for fiscal 2021. The White House proposed allocating $ 700 million to counter Russia. These funds will go to support US allies in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia and to strengthen common security. An additional $ 24 million is planned to be spent on combating “Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

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