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The US has accused Russia of launching a new virus

by alex

США обвинили Россию в запуске нового вируса

The national security Agency and U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation has accused Russia in the creation and launch of a new virus called Drovorub. A report published on the website of homeland security.

According to the agencies, for the development of the virus was responsible in a military unit of the Main intelligence Directorate (GRU), the virus — part of its operations in cyber espionage.

In the United States believe the new virus infects Linux and is a threat to user systems for national security, the Ministry of defence and defence industrial base that use this system.

In July, the U.S. Congress decided to submit the bill against the “Russian hackers”, who informed the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States accused of cyber attacks aimed at stealing data on the development of a vaccine against coronavirus. As stated by the leader of the Republicans in the house of representatives Kevin McCarthy, the continuing malicious actions intended to weaken the fight against the pandemic in the United States must not remain unanswered.

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