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The United States called the final period of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

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США назвали срок окончательного вывода войск из Афганистана

Michael Pompeo

The United States plans to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by may 2021. On this the expected duration of the final conclusion said Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during a speech to the Senate Committee on foreign relations, reports TASS.

“We made an agreement. We reach zero, we derive their strength from there. I think it will be in may next year”, — the politician answered the question about the negotiations the American side with the terrorist Taliban (banned in Russia). Pompeo stressed that at the moment, the U.S. has reduced by half its military presence in the country.

On 29 February, the U.S. and the Taliban have made peace at a ceremony in Doha, Qatar, the. The document should lead to peace in Afghanistan. Pompeo called on the Taliban to deliver on the promise of breaking ties with “al-Qaeda” and support the fight against “Islamic state” (both organizations are banned in Russia).

The Taliban was formed in 1994 in the midst of the Afghan war. In 1996-2001 the Taliban were in power in the country, and after the overthrow in 2001, began to conduct a guerrilla war with government troops and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Currently, the Taliban and the government are looking for ways to reach a political compromise.

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