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The Russian diplomat was detained in the Czech Republic for the purchase of ammunition for the rifle

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Российского дипломата задержали в Чехии за покупку патронов для винтовки

Officer of the Russian military attache was detained in June in the Czech Republic for the illegal purchase of ammunition for the sniper rifle, and “other ammunition”. This is with reference to law enforcement agencies announced the “Czech radio”.

The name of the diplomat is not called. It is reported that police arrested a man and his friend on June 25 in říčany near Prague. For illegal acquisition of ammunition he could face up to 5 years in prison, but he escaped punishment through diplomatic immunity. He was released and soon after the incident, he returned to Russia.

The purpose for which the Russians bought ammunition is unknown. He is suspected of ties to Russian foreign intelligence, however, the portal notes, the evidence is insufficient.

Two employees of the Russian centre of science and culture, Konchakova, and Rybakov, sent from Prague on 5 June. They were declared persona non grata. Moscow said mirror measures by expelling two Czech diplomats.

According to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish, the decision to send employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague is connected with “rezinovy scandal” that occurred this spring. However, he said that the charges against the diplomats involved in plans to poison the Czech regional politicians was false.

22 April Czech edition Respekt told about supposedly recorded the transfer of Russian special services in the Czech Republic. In addition, it was reported that at the Prague airport arrived a Russian Andrey K., involved in the work of law enforcement bodies of Russia in his Luggage found the deadly poison ricin.

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