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The perp wanted to hide the body and made a large fire in Spain

by alex

Преступник захотел спрятать труп и устроил крупный пожар в Испании

The reason a major fire destroyed about three thousand acres of woodland — an attempt by an unknown assailant to hide the body. This publication reports 20 minutos.

The fire happened last summer in the province of Cuenca, it covered more than 2.8 thousand hectares. Investigators tried to find out its cause almost throughout the year.

At the same time, the province was trying to find a missing citizen of Ecuador, whose identity was not disclosed. He was a contractor of the enterprise to collect rosemary. Law enforcement authorities have discovered the remains of a man in the forest in the municipality Cardenete. It is assumed that it was a violent death.

Now a crime suspect who comes from Mali, one of the workers in the brigade of assemblers. Police have arrested his accomplices, two immigrants from Africa — the killer escaped. Law enforcement authorities issued an international warrant for his arrest.

In 2017 in the natural Park of doñana in Andalusia in southern Spain also broke out a large forest fire. The fire spread rapidly and came close to the town of Moguer. Authorities evacuated 1,800 people.

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