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The mechanism of infection of mankind dangerous parasite

by alex

Раскрыт механизм заражения человечества опасным паразитом

Scientists of the Medical school of Indiana University in the US revealed how dangerous the parasite Toxoplasma gondii infects human cells. About the opening, which will help to develop new effective methods of treatment, reported in an article published in the journal mBio.

It is believed that the Toxoplasma infected more than half of humanity. Infection occurs through contact with cat feces or through consumption of contaminated food and water. Some people have parasitic protists can cause severe symptoms in the penetration of brain tissue. Toxoplasma gondii has long stored in the body in the form of cysts, but is activated with reduced immunity, for example, in HIV infection.

When ingested, the parasite invades the immune cells and causes them to migrate throughout the body, called hipermercados activity. The researchers found that Toxoplasma disables the alarm system in the host cell, leading to activation of the IRE1 protein. In turn, IRE1 contributes to the displacement of the cells, connecting with the internal cytoskeleton and affecting form.

The researchers were infected with Toxoplasma cells lacking IRE1, and confirmed that the affected cells are unable to move. This will help to develop new drugs to prevent the spread of infection throughout the body.

Toxoplasma gondii belongs to the protist is a parasite that infects mostly cats. It is known that getting into rats and mice, the simplest change their behavior. As a result, the rodents begin less fearful of cats and are more likely to be victims of these predators. Scientists suggest that the microbes may also modify the identity of an infected person.

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